Divorce Appraisals

Divorce is a painful process which involves the process of deciding who gets the house when real estate is involved, whether it be your own home or rental property that is owned together. In a divorce situation, the home is either sold or one party stays in the house. In either case, both parties should have a real estate appraisal completed for their property. Attorneys rely on professional real estate appraisers to calculate the values for real property. This is important because the division of assets for the divorce property settlement is based on the current Fair Market Value of the property.

Our estimate of market value at Townhouse Appraisers will aid in the decision to sell the property and split the proceeds, or have one spouse buy out the other. Accordingly, the appraised value reflects the most probable sales price of the subject property. There are numerous seller expenses that are commonly associated with the sale of a property. Advertising, property maintenance, marketing expenses, realtor commissions, title insurance, taxes, attorney fees, and other miscellaneous closing costs typically due to seller are often included. We recommend that the users of a divorce appraisal report are knowledgeable of all costs and consider them when calculating a specific settlement.

At Townhouse Appraisers, our appraisers have the experience required to complete divorce appraisal assignments with the utmost level of professionalism. Regardless of whether the divorce appraisal is ordered by an attorney, an individual involved, or an accountant, the assignment will be performed completely unbiased, guaranteeing a fair valuation for all parties involved.

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