Estate & Date of Death Appraisal


Settling an estate is a complex and important job. As an executor, you may be under pressure from the heirs to rapidly follow through with every step of the process. Townhouse Appraisers’ staff of highly seasoned state-certified professionals have the experience and expertise necessary to help make this process just a little easier. Our main objective is to relieve the burden of the valuation of any real property involved in the estate.

There are many situations where you might need a date of death appraisal, which states an opinion of what the property was worth on a date some time ago rather than when the appraisal is ordered. For estate tax purposes or disposition of the assets of a decedent, this sort of appraisal is often required. (Sometimes, the executor of the estate may choose to have the date be six months after the date of death — but the same principles apply.)

We understand that you are concerned with doing things correctly and accurately. Townhouse Appraisers has provided valuations for thousands of properties, and we know this may be your first experience with such an affair. Oftentimes, the settlement of an estate helps to bring part of the closure needed to move forward and we do our best to help to make that a comfortable progression.

In our experience, we know that people need estate and date of death appraisals for a variety of reasons, and understand the unique process of determining and planning an estate. We provide a personal level of service and communication that is unmatched. Contact us today for your free consultation and see why metro Atlanta residents choose to trust Townhouse Appraisers for their estate planning and date of death appraising needs.